Lawrence Barth, senior lecturer at the Architectural Association, recently visited the University of Dundee as part of a symposium on sustainable communities.

There is a playlist from the symposium available on YouTube, however for quicker insights on the idea of workspace urbanism, the following interview with Lawrence Barth is useful.

To summarise a couple of key points about the impact of the changing workplace on the urban realm:

  • Collaborative: less dedicated office space and more shared workspace to reflect the increased collaboration of different companies that has been made possible as a result of the digital context.
  • Public: the workplace as a hub for community, not the workplace as the peripheral campus. Not only more shared workspace for collaboration between companies, but also shared social space for integration with the community.

When these collaborative public workplaces are an integral part of the city (Rome not Brasilia!), they become the ‘space in-between’ the celebrated buildings. These in-between buildings, in many cities around the world, take the form of an urban block. This in turn has implications for how we make the urban block of the future.