I’ve done quite a lot of blogging over the years, both personally and professionally, but this is the first time that I’ve kept an architecture blog with a specific focus. It has been my intention that this would be an interesting and appropriate, I am researching architecture and the digital context after all, way to document progress on my thesis project. What I didn’t expect was to learn more about architecture through keeping a blog. This is what I have learnt so far:

Establishing links between things

The nature of a blog, where linking between content places new writing, and hence work, in the context of previous writing, has helped me understand the direction of my research so far. This in turn has helped me establish new lines of thought. Writing about my work has sharpened understand of what I have produced so far and what I still need to do.

Diversifying sources

Traditionally I enjoy reading books as the core focus of my research. I gather that it is something of a joke in the architecture department that I spend too much time both reading and writing, and not nearly enough time drawing. Blogging hasn’t made me draw more, but it has diversified my research sources to include web articles and videos. As for spending too much time writing… *

Greater focus and thought

Believe it or not how I think about the work that I’m producing has changed. This blog is something of a narrative of what I’ve done. In thinking and writing about it as such, I now consider how new work that I’m producing fits in and develops this narrative. I also consider more carefully what the value in each drawing is – it is impossible to write about a drawing without fully understanding what it is about and why it is interesting. Writing has given focus to my thinking.

Considering different things

It is impossible to write anything meaningful about architecture, urbanism, or the impact of the digital context without taking a critical standpoint. Where I may previously have glossed over ideas that do not have an immediately obvious link to my research, I now make an effort to write about them. In doing so I’m learning new things that I may never have considered previously.

The extent to which blogging has influenced my work is probably epitomised in my recent architecture presentation where the addition of graphics of Edinburgh came directly from a post included on this blog. The selection and layout of drawings, and structure of verbal narrative, were both also directly influenced by what is written here.

*What can I say? I really do enjoy writing.